For as long as I can remember, colors and animals have been an anchor of life and joy for me. I am in awe of the blue of the sky and the sea, of the glow of the colours at the golden hour, of the beauty of nature and the underwater world. Most of my motifs, mainly animals, I photographed myself above or below water, or they were given to me by the animal’s owner. I was allowed to use some great professional photos by Thomas Leininger.

I express myself in painting, I have again and again learned new techniques and devoted myself to various topics. The step to aquarelle painting was the most difficult for me, but also a very exhilarating one. The dynamics of the water and the pigments are very lively, random and yet controllable. My work of the last 2 years has been presented in a beautiful catalog by Stefanie Reeb.

I am happy to show you my art!

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